Big Game Hunts with Sheep Mesa Outfitters

Bull Elk, Cow Elk, Mule Deer, Moose and Big Horn Sheep

You will appreciate our big game hunts in the core of the Washakie Wilderness’ Shoshone National Forest.  Our hunting camp is located in the Washakie Wilderness Area, within the Shoshone National Forest, the oldest national forest in the nation.  We hunt from this camp in the months of September and October.  The only access to the area is by a four-hour horseback ride.

We strive to offer a quality hunt to all of our clients.  We take only a limited number of hunters each year and prefer to serve small, private groups with 4 hunters per group.

We take pride to serve you with a first rate camping experience along with camp cooks who offer meals fit for a king.  Sheep Mesa Outfitters offers completely guided hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Moose and Big Horn Sheep.  We employ professional guides who know the area and are qualified to hunt and guide for every species that we offer.  We look forward to having you join us!

Bull & Cow Elk Hunts

Wapiti, the Indian name for Elk, is abundant in our area. Our Elk hunting is divided into three seasons.

The month of September is for Archery only. October is the first Rifle season. The September to October hunts are taken from our wilderness tent camp. From here we hunt bull elk during their rutting season. This is a very exciting time to hunt elk, offering the great challenge of bugling a big bull into shooting range. The late season bull & cow elk rifle hunts begin in mid-November.

Hunting Rates:

Bull Elk: (7 day minimum) $6,000.00 – 1 x 1

Cow Elk: (3 day minimum) $2,000.00 – 2 x 1
For Private Guide on the 2 on 1 hunts, $2,750

Non-Hunter Guest $250/day

Hunting Seasons:

September is Bull Elk Archery Season
October is Bull Elk Rifle Season
November is the late season Bull & Cow Elk Rifle Season

Contact Ron for specific dates and areas to apply for.

Mule Deer Hunts

This is one of our most popular hunts and we highly recommend it to the trophy deer hunter.  Our best hunting is usually from late October and early November, which is during the bucks rutting season and their annual migration to the winter range.  We take these hunts from the hunting lodge where we will hunt by horseback.

Through many years of studying the area and the habits of the deer, we have learned where and when the trophy bucks will be moving.  You can usually be assured of a good 4 point buck and we have taken many 28 to 32 inch trophies.

Hunting Rates: 

  • Mule Deer  (5 day minimum)        $4,000.00 – 2 x 1
    Private Guide – $5,250
  • Non-Hunter Guest $250.00/day

Contact Ron for specific dates and areas to apply for.

Moose Hunts

Sheep Mesa Outfitters offers excellent moose hunting with some exceptionally large bulls in our area. A limited number of moose licenses are issued in this area, which has helped in keeping the trophy quality very high. The Moose hunting season is in October and November.

Hunting Rates:

Shiras Moose Hunt (10 day minimum) $8,000 – 1 x 1 hunt

Non-Hunter Guest $250/day

Areas to Apply For:

Moose – Area 11 – Type 1

Contact Ron for specific dates.

Big Horn Sheep Hunts

All of our sheep hunts are concentrated in the northwest corner of the state, bordering Yellowstone National Park. These are the top trophy Big Horn Sheep areas in Wyoming. This is a very challenging hunt requiring good physical conditioning and the desire to hunt in some of our most remote areas. We offer excellent sheep hunting from September 1 through October 31.  Join us for the perfect opportunity to collect one of the most sought-after trophies of North America.

Hunting Rates:

  • Big Horn Sheep   (10 day minimum)        $10,500.00 – 1 x 1 hunt
  • Non-Hunter Guest $250/day

Areas to Apply For:

Big Horn Sheep – Areas 1-5 – Type 1

Contact Ron for specific dates and any questions you may have.

License Application Information

The big game hunting application and information booklet can be obtained online at The Wyoming Game and Fish Web Site.   Or you may contact them at:

Wyoming Game & Fish
Department Headquarters
5400 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82006
phone: (307) 777-4600

Go to the APPLY OR BUY TAB to apply for a license or purchase a License or Stamp.  There is also additional information on this page for Veterans and Disabled hunters.   To check draw results and for additional hunting information, click on the HUNTING IN WYOMING tab.

If you are not a resident of Wyoming, be sure to request the Non-resident Big Game Hunting Application and Information Booklet.

All hunting season dates are subject to change by the Wyoming Fish and Game Department.  Applications for Big Horn Sheep hunting licenses are accepted January 2 through February 28 and the Drawing Result Date is May 10th.

Confirming Your Reservation Dates with Sheep Mesa Outfitters.

To confirm your reservation dates, a 50% deposit is required. Deposits are refundable if license is not drawn. Please send the required deposit when you BOOK YOUR HUNT.  The balance is due before the Hunt begins.

We are looking forward to having you join us!

Contact Ron Good for any questions you may have:

Office Telephone 307-587-4305
Cell: 307-899-5111
P.O. Box 1734
Cody, Wyoming 82414